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Welcome to our official page. We are Silverkredi affiliate program. You can make good money by simply referring your pals and family members. We are the most amazing referral program and we are going to show you why.

It is super easy to earn good money from our referral program. All you need to do is register, create an affiliate link and then you are good to go. Just as simple as that, amazing right? You don’t have to hassle in order to make money, our dedicated customer care which is always available will teach you how to promote our website and you will get a stable income from our program.

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Making money from our program is actually pretty simple. You actually don’t need to set up an e-commerce store in order to make money! You just need to register, refer a friend and redeem your earnings! As easy as drinking water. Earning money from referring your friend is not all you get from our program! You can still make good money by advertising using our program and as if that is not enough, you can still make money every time the friend you referred orders something through our affiliate program.

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See an example of our AFFILIATE PROGRAM

To get the picture clear, we will use an example. Perhaps your friend Kevin is that kind of a guy who never seem to find clothes of his own size or even if he does, he always have something to complain about. Since you have heard about silverkredi and you know we can help him pick the perfect clothes, you recommend him to our website. The first time he orders you will get 10% of his first order!


Affiliate Program Silverkredi

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Kevin wears the new style and everyone is impressed and they want to know where he finally found the right clothes. Within a few days Kevin is able to convince maybe 10 people to get their clothes from silverkredi using your affiliate link. For every person that buys the clothes via your link you will receive 5% of every person’s order! The credits you get can be redeemed for payment or you can order some classy clothes for yourself.

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It is as simple as that! You are making money by simply making your friends happy. You can even earn up to 2000 euros within a span of a very short time by doing absolutely “nothing” if we can say that. So why would you not want to join silverkredi? You have all the reasons to join and no reason whatsoever not to! Join us today and start making money. Sign up now!