Custom Made Clothing

Custom Made & Tailored Clothing

Have you ever dreamed of special clothing made just for you?

It feels great having a cloth just tailored for you. A personalized cloth makes you feel like the star you are. With our custom made clothing line, you can be sure of getting a personalized dress or any other type of clothe that will make the world fall in love with you.

Your prom night will not be the same if you land in it wearing one of our custom made and tailored cloth! It does not matter the design, if you saw Selena Gomez wearing a dress yesterday and you fell in love with it, we can make such a dress for you.

A dress that will fit you perfectly and exactly how you want it. Whatever type of clothe you want made, we will be there for you. We will buy the best materials from whichever supplier you want and you can be sure to look exactly how you want to.

We are all you need to make your dream come true. All you need is contact us and we will discuss carefully about how you want your cloth made and we can guarantee you that the results will be exactly the way want it to.

Custom Made

Custom Made Clothing Silverkredi

Advantages of tailored or personalized clothes.

Personalized clothes have a lot of advantages and without a doubt the best investment of clothes in all professional levels. Let us be real and face it, what can be better than personalized clothes?

These clothes are custom fit and they are built in exactly in your shape so you can be sure that the cloth is comfortable and it is not too tight or too baggy. Wearing a tailored cloth makes you look like the queen you are.

Another advantage or benefit of personalized clothes is that, expert and professional tailors like ours knows how to exactly add those cute and flattering styles that will draw all the attention to you! We have dressed hundreds of clients and we know exactly what to do in order to make your dress the best and the most attractive.

You can be sure that our tailored clothes are going to last for long because we use the best materials available and our clothes hardly needs any repairs because they are professionally made.

At silverkredi we don’t do it the traditional way! All of our clothes are made from the best materials in Europe and they are sewed by top tailors who have the experience to make the quality dress you deserve.

This is the right Custom Made & Tailored Clothing service for you

Whatever type of clothes you are looking for, we can
do it for you. We can buy the materials you want
from our suppliers. It will look exactly how you want it
to! Check out this supplier of fabrics from major brands

Our team of tailors is at your service to make it yours
dreams come true.
You can request a quote or ask for more information.
Contact us now to discuss how to create together
the clothes you want!
If you want to find the perfect size for you, take a look
our  Size Guide.

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