Silverkredi Fashion: the importance of a hand-stitched garment


When it comes to choosing a new piece of clothing, very often we don’t stop to ask ourselves whether this was sewn by hand or not.

We look at the color, the model, we see how it looks on us, but do we ever really consider the quality of the clothes we wear?

Many times we underestimate the importance of this detail. We do not realize that having a garment sewn exclusively by hand is a rarity that adds value to our wardrobe.

But why is this aspect so important? Let’s see dig deeper into this!

Handmade clothes: attention to detail

Unlike industrially created dresses, those hand-sewn by a seamstress are checked cm by cm. We pay maximum attention to all the details of our clothes, which are made to last over time. A hand-stitched dress is a symbol of precise and accurate work, passion, and quality. On Silverkredi you won’t find neither poorly-made clothes or poor-quality materials.

Here’s an example of a skirt sewn entirely by hand. You can find the product here

Handmade Skirt Fashion stravagant

When we buy cheap clothes, we often think it was a deal for us. But what happens as often is that once we arrive at home, we notice a thousand faults and problems with that new dress. The seams are not well done, and it might even tear up at some point, even precisely when it’s time to show it off to your friends. This does not happen with a tailored dress. Hand sewing means creating with passion, checking every inch of the fabric, taking care of all the small details with the utmost attention.

Handmade clothes: the uniqueness of the garments

Another aspect not to be underestimated – especially if we are fashion lovers – is owning clothes that are so unique because they were made only for us. This happens with handmade clothes. You will never find two completely identical dresses, just like jeans. The model may also be the same, and the garments may all look the same, but with a careful eye, there will always be a difference, albeit minimal.

Silverkredi Fashion: handmade clothes at competitive prices

We at Silverkredi are a team that knows how important it is to offer you handmade garments.

Women can pick their favorites among the various items available on our store, including skirts, dresses, sweaters, trousers, and coats. Men can also renew their wardrobe with our men’s clothing line.

What is the common thread that unites all these garments? The fact that they are sewn entirely by hand.

The advantage of these garments is not only in the search for quality and in the attention that is paid to every detail, but also in the competitive price that Silverkredi offers.

Every detail of these handmade clothes originates from our love of the world of fashion and trends, which we always work hard to keep up with.

This beautiful suit is entirely handmade and custom made. You can see it directly here.

Handmade Clothes Oversize jumpsuit without sleeves

SilverKredi Fashion: custom-made handmade dresses

We at Silverkredi want to make every woman feel great and proud to just be herself, even in what she wears every day. We put your needs at the center of everything. That is why Silverkredi pampers those who wear our clothes by creating tailor-made pieces just for you. This option is not that easy to find these days, where most sizes and measurements are standardized.

Our company, on the other hand, understands that each one of us has a different body and size.

Our goal is to create clothes that are made to feel like a second skin. You will be able to choose garments sewn entirely by hand, choosing among the many proposals you find here in our handmade section.

If you are not sure how one of our clothes will fit you, you can decide to request a custom-made piece created just for you here. It will perfectly fit and flatter your body while even exceeding your expectations.

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